Retrieve and delete duplicate photos

Sort through your photo folders and free up space on your computer, by deleting all duplicate photos on your PC. Today, we invite you to discover four software programs specially designed for this tedious, but so essential, operation.

Photos that accumulate

Smartphones, digital cameras, tablets, etc., the tools at our disposal to capture and share photos have never been so numerous. The fashion for selfies and the behavior that pushes us always to photograph everything (since we no longer risk ruining the film) also contribute to the increase in the volume of photos in our cameras and on our computer.

As a result, it is not uncommon for several identical photos to be scattered in several different folders on the same computer. Those who synchronize their devices connected from their computer, and duplicate their photos to retouch them, know this phenomenon perfectly well. Fortunately, there are now solutions to sort pictures and delete duplicate ones.

Why delete duplicate photos?

The digital photos stored on your computer occupy a more or less critical place on your machine’s internal hard disk. However, the more saturated it is, the less it works optimally. Finding and deleting duplicate photos on your computer frees up hard disk space to improve performance. If you are worried about losing your photos, consider saving a copy to an external hard drive.

Discover 4 software programs that allow you to find and delete duplicate photos on a computer:

Panaustik: translated into French, it looks for all the duplicate images on your computer, but also the photo mounts that include several images;

VisiPics: it uses a filter to look for similarities between the photos stored on your computer. It offers a customizable sorting for better efficiency;

Anti-Twin: it is similar to the way VisiPics works with a little something extra: the ability to compare files other than photos.

Excellent Duplicate Photo Finder: one of the easiest to use and most effective duplicate photo search and deletion software;

The four programs presented above work in much the same way. Once the software is launched, choose the folders or subfolders in which you want to search and sort. Then all you have to do is let the software guide you.

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